J. Technology and Education, Vol16, No.1, pp.17-21, 2009
*kohata @as.yatsushiro-nct.ac.jp
Introduction of PBL Education regarding SEM Measurement in an Advanced
Course at a College of Technology
- Development of Scientific and Technical Practice Programs
for Young Individuals -
Department of Bioengineering, Yatsushiro National College of Technology
(Hirayama-shinmachi, Yatsushiro, Kumamoto 866-8501, Japan)
(Received April 24, 2009; Accepted May 15, 2009)
A program has been designed to introduce young individuals to microscopy with the use of an optical microscope and a scanning electron microscope (SEM). This program was designed by advanced students at Yatsushiro National College of Technology on the concept of Problem/Project-Based Learning (PBL). The program was organized under the Science Partnership Program (SPP) for junior high school students and presented as a local scientific event for children. As a result of this effort, advanced students at Yatsushiro National College of Technology acquired an understanding of SEM measurement technology and increased their teaching skills while serving as teaching assistants (TA). The introduction of PBL in the design of scientific and technical practice programs was effective for the education of advanced students.

Key words:
PBL, SPP, TA, advanced course students, young individuals, microscopy