J. Technology and Education, Vol.16, No.2, pp.63-67, 2009
木幡 進*1,川口 寿奈,TRUONG CAO TUE,本村 朋子, 種村 公平1,弓原 多代1
Using Photo-catalytic Devices to Reduce the Offensive Odor Emanating from a Cleaning Fluid Used on Metal Cutting Oil
Susumu KOHATA,1 Jyuna KAWAGUCHI, Troung Cao TUE, Tomoko MOTOMURA,
Kouhei TANEMURA,1 and Kazuyo YUMIHARA1
Department of Bioengineering, Yatsushiro National College of Technology
1Present address: Department of Biological and Chemical Systems Engineering,
Kumamoto National College of Technology
(Hirayama-shinmachi, Yatsushiro, Kumamoto 866-8501, Japan)
(Received November 20, 2009; Accepted December 7, 2009)
The cleaning fluid used to remove metal cutting oil that adheres to newly machined engine blocks emits an offensive odor. Prototype photo-catalytic devices were used to examine the degree to which an offensive odor emanating from 20L and 600L of fluid was reduced in laboratory and factory settings, respectively. In the experiment, no immediate reduction of the offensive odor was observed. However, the number of microorganisms and the overall odor and its components, including ammines, sulfur, and hydrogen sulfide, were reduced after the prototype photo-catalytic devices had been used for several days. In conclusion, it took two weeks to eliminate the offensive odor with the use of the prototype devices in a factory setting.

Key words: Odor, Metal Cutting Oil, Cleaning fluid, Microorganisms, Photo-catalytic devices