J. Technology and Education, Vol.21, No.2, pp.39-43 (2014)







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Synthesis of Manganese Dioxide by Ultrasonic Irradiation

in a Permanganate Solution


Nobuaki MIYAMOTO*,  and Yasuo YOKOO


@ Department of Chemical Science and Engineering, Ariake National College of Technology

i150, Higashihagio-machiCOmutaCFukuoka  836-8585, Japanj


(Received May 22, 2014; Accepted July 2, 2014)



A colloidal manganese dioxide was prepared by reducing a permanganate solution with thiosulfate. This product was also obtained by ultrasonic irradiation in a permanganate solution, without a reducer, to form hydrogen peroxide from water. The formation of the -MnO2 phase by the colloidal process was confirmed by X-ray diffraction after heating at 375˚C for 3h in air. The powders were in a range of 200–600 nm, and the specific surface areas were 108–140 m2 g-1, increasing with ultrasonic irradiation. The Mn (IV) content of the products (78–83%) was lower than that of electrolytic manganese dioxide (EMD, 93%). The discharge capacities of the products obtained by ultrasonic irradiation were higher than that of the product without ultrasonic irradiation and that of EMD. The performance of manganese dioxide as a cathode material for a lithium-manganese dioxide cell has been improved by ultrasonic irradiation of the reaction solution.


Key Words : Ultrasonic Irradiation, Permanganate Solution, Manganese Dioxide, Battery Capability