J. Technology and Education, Vol.22, No.2, pp.49-56(2015)








Introduction to the practice of Arduino in physical computing education


Yoshihiro AOYAMA

National Institute of Technology, Fukui College (Geshi, Sabae, Fukui 916-8507, Japan)


(Received October 19, 2015; Accepted December 7, 2015)


Various interface methods between humans and computers have been developed.  Physical computing has created a new material for designers and artists using electronics.  By connecting various input and output devices, information exchange with the computer is possible in various forms.  We have introduced the Arduino system, an easy platform in physical computing education.  By using sensors and actuators, our students have practiced writing a program into the microprocessor of an Arduino board. Since the grade 4 and 3 students were experienced in creative engineering exercises for physical computing education, we report the results.

Key words: Arduino system, physical computing education, creative engineering