J. Technology and Education, Vol.23, No.2, pp.39-42(2016)





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*¬ŽRH‹Ζ‚“™κ–εŠwZ@•¨ŽΏHŠw‰Θ (§323-0806 ¬ŽRŽs’†‹vŠμ771)

¬ŽRH‹Ζ‚“™κ–εŠwZ@‹@ŠBHŠw‰Θ (§323-0806 ¬ŽRŽs’†‹vŠμ771)



Effectiveness of a seminar on makeup for the purpose of supporting the careers of female students


Takakuni TANAKA and Satoru IZAWA

National Institute of Technology, Oyama College

(771 Nakakuki, Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture 323-0806, JAPAN)


(Received April 21, 2016; Accepted June 9, 2016)


In recent years, questions from female students about makeup for job hunting have increased.  Therefore, we held seminar on makeup to support female students in the course in 2013.  This seminar progresses through two steps taught by Shiseido instructors. First, Shiseido's makeup instructors explained the method of the makeup and how to enhance the smile.  Next, students practiced the practical skill of applying the makeup with individual guidance from the lecturer.  After the seminar, we distributed a questionnaire survey to measure the effectiveness of the seminar.  The results showed that a majority of students felt that the seminar was effective. Especially, many students responded, gbasic makeup was studied.h  We are going to carry out this seminar for female students in the future.

Key words: career support, makeup seminar, female students