J. Technology and Education, Vol.23, No.2, pp.43-50 (2016)




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The innovation history of invention and discovery in Japan



Fukui National College of Technology, Emeritus professor


(Received March 8, 2016; Accepted July 10, 2016)


One focus of our study of innovation, invention and discovery in Japan encompasses the superior skills (extremely fine craftsmanship) that have been utilized in traditional industries.  Japan has given rise to some science and technology unmatched by any other country.  Japanese commodities that we use and buy daily are very useful abroad.  Innovative Japanese products are often indispensable for everyday life.  Such innovation results from a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and the latest technology of Japan.

In this paper, we discuss the innovation history of Japanese inventions and discoveries.

Key words: Innovation history, Japanese invention-discovery stories, traditional craftsmanship, latest technology of Japan