J. Technology and Education, Vol.24, No.1, pp.5-9 (2017)




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Influence of kanpyo powder on the protonema growth of moss



and Yoshinori TAKAHARA

National Institute of Technology, Oyama College

(771 Nakakuki, Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture 323-0806, JAPAN)


(Received January 18, 2017; Accepted February 9, 2017)


Kanpyo (dried gourd shavings) consists a low amount of sugar. We used kanpyo as growth materials of the plant. In this study, the influence of kanpyo (free sugars) on the growth of moss protonema was investigated. The result showed that 0.3wt% of gourd component nutrient media did not solidify. The gourd shaves were effective for the growth of the moss protonema (Pohlia flexuosa and Racomitrium japonicum). They were especially effective for initial growth. On the other hand, there was a lot of image photography and the setting of an analytical technique (ImageJ).

Key words: dried gourd / protonema / moss