J. Technology and Education, Vol.24, No.1, pp.11-15 (2017)




田中 孝国*,岩永 健太郎,小林 稜,川越 大輔

小山工業高等専門学校 物質工学科 (323-0806 小山市中久喜771)



Evaluation of the Kanpyo tablet under various humidity conditions



and Daisuke KAWAGOE

National Institute of Technology, Oyama College

(771 Nakakuki, Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture 323-0806, JAPAN)


(Received April 1, 2017; Accepted April 24, 2017)


Kanpyo (dried gourd shavings) contains little sugar. We noticed this structure and prepared a desiccating tablet. In the research thus far, the Kanpyo desiccating tablet has demonstrated the ability to absorb 50–60 wt% water under saturated conditions. In this study, we tested the water absorption of the Kanpyo tablet under various conditions of humidity (20%RH ~ saturation). The results show that the Kanpyo tablet absorbed water in more than 40% humidity condition. Furthermore, the Kanpyo tablet suggested adsorption and desorption of the water (humidity control).

Key words: dried gourd, humidity control, water absorption