J. Technology and Education, Vol.24, No.2, pp.21-27 (2017)


寿命の長いものづくり (第二報)



吉村 忠与志

福井工業高等専門学校名誉教授 (918-8067福井市飯塚町31-108)

* tadayosi2438@yahoo.co.jp


Sustainable products are of great value to society (2)

Recommendation for eco-conscious manufacturing



Emeritus Professor, Fukui National College of Technology

(Iizuka-cho 31-108, Fukui 918-8067, Japan)


(Received July 17, 2017; Accepted August 21, 2017)


Japan has environmental preservation technology, but the cost of the fossil fuel project is the highest in the G20. Why is eco-conscious manufacturing not an ongoing marketing strategy in Japan?  Green consumers are not growing up in Japan. Furthermore, Life Cycle Assessment thinking has not been established in product development. Consumers need to consider manufacturing longevity from the cradle to the grave. We must recognize that the potential of renewable energy in Japan is high, and renewable resources should be utilized.


Key words: green consumers, G20, fossil fuel project, life cycle assessment(LCA), eco-conscious manufacturing