J. Technology and Education, Vol.25, No.1, pp.1-5 (2018)




家山 仁志、山腰 未来、松井 栄樹*


福井工業高等専門学校 物質工学科 (〒916-8507 福井県鯖江市下司町)



 Synthesis and Function of Triazine Ligands with Photosensitive Functional Groups in Side Chains


 Hitoshi Kayama, Miku Yamakoshi and Eiki Matsui*


Department of Chemistry and Biology, National Institute of Technology, Fukui College

(Geshi, Sabae, Fukui 916-8507, Japan)


(Received March 8, 2018; Accepted April 2, 2018)



  Photosensitive functional groups that exhibit responsiveness to light have a molecular structure, absorption, and fluorescence properties that change with light irradiation. However, in some cases, the desired photoreaction does not occur completely with heat. In this study, we synthesized two kinds of ligands that have a thermally stable triazine ligand using azobenzene (Trz1) and benzophenone (Trz2) as photosensitive functional groups. The production of Trz1 and Trz2 was confirmed by 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, UV-vis absorption spectrum, ESI-MS, and APCI-MS measurements. We investigated the desired photoreaction of Trz1 and Trz2 to light irradiation. It was observed that the Trz1 inhibited the desired photoreaction of the metal complexes. This finding raised the possibility of controlling the photoreaction.


Key words: Triazine ligand, Photosensitive functional group, Photoreaction, Azobenzene