J. Technology and Education, Vol.25, No.2, pp.23-27 (2018)




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Introduction to a basic engineering experiment that crosses departments

at the National Institute of Technology, Suzuka College



1General Education, 2Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering

National Institute of Technology, Suzuka College (Shiroko-cho, Suzuka, Mie 510-0294, Japan)


(Received May 21, 2018; Accepted June 27, 2018)


At the National Institute of Technology, Suzuka College, the curriculum of the college was reconsidered all together in advance reorganization of the Advanced Engineering Course in 2017. Since the Advanced Engineering Course consists of three courses (Environmental and Resources Engineering Course, Energy and Functional Innovation Course, and Robotics Technology Course) which is different from five departments of college, students in our college must compound the knowledge learned beyond the structure of the departments. Therefore, we introduced a basic engineering experiment that involved all departments, including students belonging to the Engineering department and to other departments, as an introductory course of classes just after entrance. Our aims in introducing this experiment are to determine which students learn proactively and have an interest in the field different from their own special research field. This paper is a report about these preparations for a basic engineering experiment and its implementation in the first year.

Key Words : Introductory education, Common experiment, Subject that crosses departments