J. Technology and Education, Vol.28, No.1, pp.5-12 (2021)





松岡 1,伊藤 1,中村 源一郎1,向川 拓臣1,溝口 奨吾1

永吉 真知子1,藤野 1,羽鳥 広範1,新田 武父2,庄司 3,玉田 耕治4

東京工業高等専門学校  1教育研究技術支援センター


193-0997 八王子市椚田町1220-2



Introduction electronic circuits manufacturing in the manufacturing workshop and open lectures using an electronic hobby kit prepared in the workshop


Satoshi Matsuoka1Yu Ito1Gen-ichirou Nakamura1Takumi Mukougawa1

Shogo Mizoguchi1Machiko Nagayoshi1Hiroshi Fujino1Hironori Hatori1

Takenori Nitta2Ryo Shoji*3Koji Tamada4

1Technology Solutions Center2Department of Electronic Engineering

3Departments of Chemical Science and Engineering4Department of Electrical Engineering

National Institute of TechnologyTokyo College (Kunugida 1220-2Tokyo 193-0997Japan)


(Received March 8, 2021; Accepted April 16, 2021)



In 2018, Hazamaru Kobo was established as a manufacturing workshop at the National Institute of Technology, Tokyo College. Various tools and machines in the workshop can be used by students and staff. In this paper, some examples of productions, such as experience equipments for open lectures and sensor circuits , in the manufacturing workshop are introduced. Manufactured sensors, consisting of transmission-type photo interrupters, were used personally. Manufacture equipment using solar cells will be used to experience capacitor charging also to understand the utilization of renewable energy. Also, equipment using the FA-130RA motor are used to experience power generation. Both experience equipments will be planned to use in some future open lectures. In addition, we are introducing electronic hobby kits made in the manufacturing workshop in this report with the results of questionnaires administered in open lectures.

Keywords: Manufacturing, Electronic circuits manufacturing, Open lecture, Hazamaru Kobo