J. Technology and Education, Vol.16, No.2, pp.57-62, 2009
城石 英伸1*,庄司 良1,三谷 知世1,佐々木 桂一2,大塚 友彦3

東京工業高等専門学校 物質工学科1,産業技術センター2,電子工学科3
A Case Study on the Need for Chemistry Retraining for Engineers
with Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Hidenobu Shiroishi*, Ryo Shoji, Tomoyo Mitani, Keiichi Sasaki,
and Tomohiko Ohtsuka

1Departments of Chemical Science and Engineering, 2Industrial Science and Technology Center, 3Department of Electronic Engineering, Tokyo National College of Technology (Kunugida 1220-2, Tokyo 193-0997, Japan)
(Received October 6, 2009; Accepted October 20, 2009)
   The need for remedial chemistry education for engineers in small and medium-sized enterprises located in Hachioji City was investigated, and high demands for the lectures on instrumental analyses, remedial senior high school chemistry, and Excel macro language course have been found so far. Practical lectures and workshops on remedial senior high school chemistry and instrumental analysis were, therefore, given for three days as "Techno cross chair for engineers in the small and medium-sized enterprises" sponsored by Hachioji city. The lectures with three or four practices were held for 3 days, and some small groups within three persons were formed and taught by professionals and teaching assistants in terms of the chemical knowledge. A questionnaire was given to participants to determine the effectiveness of the seminar. Sixty percent of the engineers indicated that their knowledge of chemistry increased as a result of their participation, and 70 percent said they enjoyed the workshops.
Keywords: Retraining on Chemistry, Young or middle-aged Engineers in chemical industries, Questionnaire analysis